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Luda summer 03 Luda is a Russian, but was born in Northern Kazakhstan. She was brought up to be an atheist and a communist and was a leader in the communist youth movement, "Komsomol". When she went to university in Moscow to train as an English teacher, she met American Missionaries from a student ministry. She was impressed with how their lives had changed and that they were genuinely loving. They embodied many of the ideals that communism preached, but was powerless to produce in the hearts of its followers. This is what led Luda to commit her life to Christ. When she graduated in 1993 she joined the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ to work among students. Luda homeschools three of our kids as well as helping out in various ministries of the church.

These are our children Peter, Sasha, Pavlik, Edik, Emily, Anita
Dave summer 03 Dave is from England. He comes from a Christian family, but has not always been a Christian. He found a real and personal faith through reading books, like "God's Smugler" and "The Cross and the Switchblade" these helped him to realise that God is alive and active, not just a "someone' they talk about in Church. He got involved with "Campus Crusade for Christ" at Leeds University, where he studied Computer science. This involvement led to a summer project in Russia and eventually to coming on staff and moving in long term in 1993. Luda and Dave met in Moscow, married in 1995 and moved to Siberia! Since 2008 Dave has been the pastor of a small Baptist church in the North-West region of Krasnoyarsk.